Sorter stays on one side (on G4 iMac)

The sorter is on the left side, I want it on the right side. I know, that, normally, I just have to pull it with the cursor around. This works properly on my MacBook, but not on my old iMac G4 (the lamp), 1,25 Ghz, 2 GB Ram, Leo 10.5.6. on both machines.

I shut down spaces, but this does not change anything.

Any ideas?

You could try to erase the preferences. First hide the Sorter, then remove the file: ~/Library/Preferences/com.devon-technologies.think-sorter.plist

No, does not work.

I erase the plist-file, but the Sorter still won´t go around.

It´s not such a problem for me, because I think I won´t use it much. But it´s interesting.

(and by the way: I hope to get a new Intel-iMac in Summer …)

I have seen another highly improbable thing with the Sorter today, so I’m counting my blessings. You don’t see any messages in the Console?

What do you mean?

Do you mean the log (protocol) after my export session? (My changing from 1.5.4. to 2.0?)

Yes, I saved the protocol of the files 1.5.4 did not export, and when I open the saved log-file it shows no files …

No, the Console application that you can find in Applications > Utilities. There may be messages related to the Sorter in there.