Sorter still accepts documents for removed groups

Hi, I have a weird situation here: I have documents that I dragged onto the sorter “stuck” there, because in one case it can’t find the associated group (don’t know why, the database is open) and in the other the database isn’t on the system anymore.

I’d really like to know what the issue is in the first case; for the second - okay, I messed up having moved data someplace else and deleting the database. Shouldn’t the Sorter realize that, though? Why is it still accepting drag-n-drop items when the group they are supposed to go into is gone?

And: how can I “rescue” these documents now? I can drag them out of their sorter “cubbyhole”, but I can’t drag them to the Inbox, for example. They seem to be in “data nirvana”.

What can I do?

And: how can I find out why the first case (i.e. where the group still exists) isn’t working?


If you control-click or right-click a slot in the Sorter then you should see a small contextual menu offering to either “Remove Item” or “Remove Group”. If you can fix the problem that way, then does it matter why it happened?

Sorter keeps tracks of groups in the background (invisible to you) using a unique ID that DEVONthink creates – the group can be moved or renamed while Sorter is closed and Sorter should still be able to figure out what’s going on. However, it’s possible to mess up. For instance – if I create a group, add it to Sorter, then close Sorter. Later, if I delete the group in my database and add a new group with the same name these are not the same group. They have different unique IDs, and since the first one was deleted Sorter can no longer find it. This is just an example of how to break Sorter - not saying it’s what happened in your case.

If you cannot fix the problem as mentioned in the first paragraph then look through the forum for instructions on how to remove and reinstall Sorter – there are several postings here on that topic.