Sorter stopped working

I am running El Capitan, v 10.11.6, and Safari v10.11

Lately, I when I try to clip to the sorter, I get the “Allow Open DTPro” Message, and I’ve read the topic on that. When I click open, the Note window pops up. In the past, I would add any notes, tags, etc, and click the clip button, and the note would show up in the Inbox.

Now, however, nothing happens - i.e. the inbox doesn’t change. When I open /Users/rcw/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox.dtBase2 Info, it shows that it was modified, but nothing changes - the clipped web page doesn’t show up.

Also, I noticed that there is an X off to the right of the Inbox under Globals - can’t seem to find out what that means, if anything.

It means you have a permissions issue. Do a Tools > Rebuild Database on it.

That seems to have worked.