Sorter tab in DT personal

I downloaded DT personal and have been trying it out for a few days. Until today all was well.

But today the tab for the sorter no longer opens up with the inbox when I drag a file or URL onto it. A little minus icon toggles on and off but the pane with the inbox etc… does not fly out.

I deleted some preferences per some of the other posts re: sorter issues…then restarted, but the problem persists.

(Mac OS 10.6.8 Snow Leopard)

tia for help!


The positioning information for the Sorter is held in the file com.devon-technologies.thinkPersonal-sorter.plist which can be found in the folder ~/Library/Preferences.

Before deleting this file ensure that you have closed the Sorter, either using the Quit option under the Sorter tab in the preferences or by using the menu. If the sorter is open when you delete the file it will not have the desired effect.

great, that fixed it!