Sorter tab won't move

The sorter tab seems stuck on the left side of the screen. I can move it up and down but not anywhere but the left side. This is true with both my two screen display and when the displays are mirrored.

I’ve been rapidly switching the Sorter from the right to the left side of the screen, and back again.

Drag it upwards, then “swoop” across the top to the other side of the screen.

I find if the sorter is used with a 2 monitor setup it goes to the right side of the right-most monitor and it can’t be pinned to the right side of the left-most monitor. The left-most is the main monitor.

LOL…swooping is a no go…seems to have something to do with the dual monitor set up as reported above…will check tomorrow with only one monitor

LOL again…I did manage to move the tab to the right side and I had to “swoop” it as Bill suggested after first switching to a single mode display. I don’t have the courage to try it again after getting it where I wanted.

Surely it shouldn’t be so hard?

You can’t move the sorter to the side of the screen that contains the Dock, or if it wouldn’t be visible on a multi-screen setup. You can move the the mouse to any side of any of your screens and if it can appear there it will move there.

Yes, I understand that is how it is supposed to work but it wasn’t that easy to move for me. I got it to where I want it now so all is well I guess. :slight_smile: