Sorter Take Note

find below a couple of remarks about the take note available in the sorter:

  1. If I type some text and then close the sorter next time I invoke “Sorter take note” I find the text I left; that’s a handy feature but I also would like to have a cancel button to discard the note and start from blank on the next call.

  2. If I add some text in the field “Note” and then press “Shift+Tab” to go back to previous fields (e.g to change the name of the note) the command doesn’t work. If I place the cursor at the beginning of the field the back tabbing works as expected. Also notice that back tabbing after inserting some text is already working in the “Take note” available in DT main window (menu Tools>Take Note…).


Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll forward them to the developer.