Sorter User Interface Improvements

The Sorter concept has advantages and potential for many users. Services remain awkward.

But I dislike the Sorter’s tab. Especially its placement if using multiple monitors. It adds an unnecessary non-standard (not Apple) icon to the desktop.

My preference is a hot key combination to show/hide the pallette. One that would retain its desktop position. Similar to how many other applications handle their pallettes.

Next is the naming of the Sorter boxes.

My preference is the ability to rename the boxes beyond simply accepting the group’s name that was dragged into the Sorter. Keeping the ghost image of the group is okay, but the option of changing it or the box background color might be useful.

An inbox of a database doesn’t have to keep that name, you can change it to whatever is convenient for you. If you change the name of the group in DEVONthink, the Sorter will pick that up (after a delay that depends on when it syncs a dropped item with the main app).

A couple of Q’s about the sorter, and a suggestion:

  • Is it really only possible to select whether to Hide or Ignore the tab of the sorter once? Wouldn’t perhaps be more adequate to have the specific associations on the preferences menu? Moreover, it does not appear to be consistent. Yesterday i said HIDE, and today the tab was present in the very same application (and no dialog provided).

  • Maybe it would be an idea to be able to select hide from the tab of the sorter itself.

I find the sorter, as is, despite it being moderately useful, more on the intrusive side.

You can Quit the Sorter in three ways:

  1. Click on the Sorter to open it. Click on the action button (cogwheel symbol) and choose Quit.

  2. Click and hold on the DT Pro/DT Pro Office icon in the Dock. Choose Quit Sorter. (If the Sorter is not currently running, click on the option, Show Sorter.)

  3. DT Pro/Office Preferences > Sorter. Click on ‘Quit’. (If it’s not currently running and you wish to show it, click on ‘Show’.)

Note that the Sorter may be enabled as a startup item in DT Pro/Office Preferences > OCR (Show at login) and/or in System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items.

If you do not wish it to be enabled at login, uncheck the option in DT Pro/Office Preferences > OCR, and if it is listed as a login item in System Preferences, select DEVONthink Sorter in that list and click on the ‘-’ button to remove it from the list. (Don’t check the Hide box, which doesn’t do what you want.) Now you are in control of the display of the Sorter. You can Show or Quit it at will.

I agree with previous comments on the Sorter tab. I find it in the way more than it is actually useful. I would also like something less intrusive, or just to have the Sorter activated when an item is dragged into a certain area of the screen edge.

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