I’m slowly using the sorter more and put more “drawers” into it.

Naturally, the “Inbox” folders are the obvious choice here, so i put them in and ended up with 6 “Inbox” drawers.

Renaming the drawers in the sorter is not possible - OK, these are pointers to the original folders, I thought - and renamed each of them in the database: “: IN”.

These changes didn’t make it to the sorter - the old “Inbox” names were displayed there - and somehow the drawers didn’t like to work any longer, so I deleted them and dragged the renamed folders in.

Not THAT much of a hassle but it comes to mind that the sorter doesn’t get much attention in DT and whether it’s reliable to use it more or to better stay away.

I will add a change to the next update so that the group names are updated when they are changed in the main application.

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I am unable to use the “Remove Group” command to delete the contents of a box in Sorter. Also, I cannot overwrite an existing group in a box as the default seems to be to make a subsequently dragged in group become a sub-folder of the prior group. The result is that if I make an error in deciding which group I want to put in a certain box, I cannot undo it.


The Sorter Hide window keeps appearing even though it promises it will now show again.

Sorter Hide.png

Since the names of the folders can be changed in the Sorter, how about adding a quick tip that will display the corresponding name of the database of the folder the cursor is over? I can’t keep track of which database each of those folders name Inbox goes with. This has caused me to mis-sort things, and it often takes a fair bit of time to located the missing items (that is, if I remember to look for them).

There already is. Hover over the name.

I’m puzzled. The containers I have in my sorter all renamed themselves simply Inbox, and no tooltips appear when I hover over the name. I can’t find any commands to rename containers within the sorter.

Therefore, my problem is that I don’t know where an item will end up when I drag it into the sorter, unless I go for the top one which I have remembered is the global inbox. As others have pointed out, that makes the sorter of doubtful use, because, without tagging on dragging, you end up with a load of undifferentiated items in the global inbox.

So now I’m wondering whether I should be asking for a new feature or troubleshoot a bug…or if I’ve just misunderstood something?