sorting according to more than one column?

in other applications it is possible to sort in table views according to more than one column. e. g. first by “creation date” and then by “name”.

Mostly this is done by first clicking on one column title and then holding a modifier key like Alt or Shift and clicking on the second column title for the 2nd sorting criterion.

Is there a way to do that in DTPro?
If not, could the developers please consider that as a feature for coming releases?

kind regards


See: Secondary sort

thanks, sjk! I’ve done my vote.
I hoped your link would point to a solution which I had overlooked.

Sorry it wasn’t more than a reference to earlier answers for your questions.

no need to say “sorry”!
Thank you very much for the pointer, because it absolutely makes sense to collect such requests.
That should make it easier to the developers to see which topics are important to the users and therefore hopefully will be treated with priority for future versions.