Sorting bug 🐜 bugging me (requirement for title to be >15 char also bugs ;)

Brief report, pushed for time. Current DTTG, current iOS, iPad Pro. In the bar on the left side, there is a row of symbols at the bottom. The right-hand symbol is for changing the sorting order. When I click on that the bar on the left hand side otherwise containing groups or contents of groups disappears, and any change to the sorting order does not become apparent until I leave the group in which I was sorting, open another group, close that group and go back to the group I was originally intending to sort. I’m sure the bar on the left has an official name, but for the life of me I don’t know what it is… if this bug report is insufficient, please let me know and I will post more details when the current crisis has quietend down…

That’s the View Options in the bottom toolbar under the item list.

I’m not seeing any issue with sorting not changing the item list immediately.
Does this occur after quitting and relaunching DEVONthink To Go ?

Hey that’s what I called it :crazy_face: Thanks Jim :slight_smile:

It is reproducible after restarting both the app and the iPad. I will make a screen recording tonight or tomorrow and send it to you. I may already have it, but could you PM me your e-mail, or otherwise an address to which I can send the recording?