Sorting groups of PDF's alphabetically

So I have a ‘Manuals’ group with several hundred pdf’s and there are also folders within that contain further pdf’s. A typical folder type scenario encountered in the Finder…

I want to sort alphabetically but when I click on ‘By Name’, the folders are listed first, then the pdfs. This is not how Mac Finder works. It’s an option in Finder, but I never use it, as it’s totally counter intuitive to me.

How can I make DT3 behave in a way that lists alphabetically regardless of ‘Type’?

Turn off the preferences “Keep groups on top when sorting”


I’m overwhelmed at the moment in my learning curve…starts off gentle then seems to rise rapidly!

I’m overwhelmed at the moment in my learning curve

I’m curious as to why?

Well it’s a big complicated program! (to me anyhow)!
I mean the devil is in the detail with DT and it’s discovering all it’s quirks and charms:

How do you do Command-F7 on a Macbook!?
Is the Groups and Tags Panel redundant if one uses the Sorter?
These types of details!
And…on the subject of Sort…I did indeed change that preference so Groups are not on top but if you look at the attached I am looking at a different Group and whatever I do I cannot make it list alphabetically.

Seems to be a bit of a bug with this when using “as columns” view. Try selecting a document or group in the last panel – then use View > Sort to turn sort off (“Unsorted”) then back on (“Name”). For me, that fixed the issue.

This is a beta.
Bugs happen.

Function (FN)+Command+F7

“Redundant” how? Groups & Tags, and Sorter are two different tools.

Columns view does indeed have this bug. Your suggestion sorted it out, thanks

Function+Command+F7 just wont work on my Macbook Pro 2012. Your suggestion is what I thought it would be. I’ve gone into Keyboard Preferences and tried reversing the Function functionality and no combination of those keys makes a document go full screen

Groups and Tags/Sorter…they seem to be very similar in function to me. But obviously I’m new here so happy to be wrong.

Well it’s a big complicated program! (to me anyhow)!

I suggest you read the built-in Help > Documentation > Getting Started > DEVONthink Simplifed. DEVONthink can be used as simply as the Finder or in very complex ways. Do not try or think you’ll master it, especially quickly. I have about 20,000 working hours in DEVONthink and I still learn things about it. There’s also no real compulsion to *“master it”**. Use it for what you need to use it for and give yourself time to play and discover.

Use the Help or the manual, these Forums, our Support System.

Thanks. I’m working through the Take Control book (I know for version 2 but it’s still helpful) and yes I will follow your suggestions. You’re right about not trying to master it. Thanks. I had DT2 for years and never really ‘got it’ to be honest. I just used to occasionally drag stuff in and forget about it normally and loose it.
What I’m doing with DT3 is essentially going for it, i.e using it as my main organising tool. And to do that involves a lot deeper understanding.
Loving it though!

My only initial feedback is that a lot of the complex audio programs I use have customisable short cuts. I find DT’s shortcuts are really difficult to remember. It would be lovely to have these editable (I always use some variant of C (see more) and V (view more) to replace Zoom In/Out for example)

No problem!