Sorting Issues

I do not really get the logic of how your sorting choice (by name/date/label/…) is applied. As far as I understand, it is different in th 2-pane than the 3-pane-view:

In the 3-pane-view you can assign every folder a unique sorting way: Sort Folder 1 by Name, Folder 2 by Label etc… Which is really great and a wonderful help. But that choice is only applied to files inside of the specific folder (or more if you’ve selected more than one folder). I can’t find a way to sort folders in the 3-pane-view. Is it really impossible to do that?

In the 2-pane-view you can sort folders. There is no difference between folders and files. Everything gets sorted as you chose it. But here you can only choose a global sorting scheme, no specifics for special folders etc…

Is that all right? Why these differences? Why no sorting of folders in 3-pane?