Sorting just one group

A database that I use frequently has sorting turned off (View > Sort > Unsorted). I prefer this, because I want to make my own arrangement and sequence of groups. However, one group, which is a parent to a number of groups on various topics, should be sorted by name so that all the child groups are alphabetical.

As I write this, I’m using 2.0.9, View > Sort applies to the whole database (I have no idea what release introduced this behavior). Anyway, if we use View > Sort > By Name (or any other sort option) then the whole database gets changed around. Here’s a workaround:

  • Select the parent group of the hierarchy of groups that you want to sort.
  • Hoist the parent into its own window by double-clicking it.
  • In the new window, use View > Sort with whatever sort options you chose.**
  • Back in the other window that displays the whole database, create a new (temporary) group
  • Drag all the groups from the newly-sorted window into the temporary group in the main window.
  • Either rename the temporary group or do a second move from that group back to the original parent group.

[size=85]** DTPO recalls the sort order for any group that’s hoist to its own window. Each time you open the group in its own window, the last sort order that was set for that group is remembered.[/size]

Surprising there’s no mention of it (AFAICS) in the Release Notes since it seems like a relatively significant change.


What I meant was “As I write this, I’m using 2.0.9” (in case some reader in the distant future finds this post and wonders what release was I talking about). I don’t mean that 2.0.9 introduced the change. AFAIK, the behavior has been around since early DEVONian times. :confused:

Thanks for the clarification. I don’t recall the sorting behavior you mention when last working with a legacy database about a year ago, but might have been unintentionally working around it. Since then I’ve only worked with smaller, less complex dbs where it’s been easy to overlook the behavior.