Sorting of Scandinavian letters

Devonthink doesn’t sort my folders (groups) correctly, when using Norwegian letters ÆØÅ.

Our alphabet goes like this: ABC…XYZÆØÅ.

But Devonthink puts Ø after N as if it was an O.

Just disable the option “View > Sorting > Ignore Umlauts” and the sorting should be as expected.

Hmmm. That didn’t change anything. I tried renaming the folder to “Penger” (meaning “money”), then back to “Økonomi” (meaning “economy”). It flew right back after the “Network” folder.

I’ve just tried this - if “Ignore Umlauts” is inactive and sorting by name is active, then Økonomi is placed at the end of the list.

Strange. I have used the three-panes layout, and a folder with Ø insisted on staying behind a folder with N. Even when I made new ones.

Then I changed to a “As list” and - kazing! - everything jumped to the right place. Also when changing back to three panes.

Thanks for your help!