Sorting Photos

Hi All,

I am new, if this has been discussed before please point me to it.

Let say i took 100 photos each day, Mon to Sun, at all different events, so what is the best way to “store/organize” all these photos in DTpro?

Do i create 10 Groups? Can I tag those photos?

I mean, how can DTpro helps me in the above scenario (instead of storing/organizing them in iPhoto)



You can “tag” photo’s with phrases/words in the comments field.

You can then create smart groups (located in the scripts menu) using a variety of metadata including dates, places, times, scenic attributes, notes about the composition, event, people in the photos etc.

For example, you can use the smart group “any words” to capture all of the photos that contain one of many comments or an “all words” smart group to capture photos that have all of the words in the comments field.

The files in smart groups are replicants of the actual documents in the database.

You can use Keyword Assistant to append tags to iPhoto photos similarly but you don’t have the flexibilty and security offered by DTP.




there was an intensive discussion about this in another thread, just have a look.

DT would be the ideal tool to organize photos, could it read and write EXIF / IPTC / XMP and search for them.

Bill talked about Aperture in that thread, and although I was sceptical about it, I bought the academic version last month, and I am perfectly happy and satisfied. If you do not need to store PDFs and other formats that iView handles but Aperture does not, I strongly recommend it. Particular, since there are some features for processing photos which are indeed helpful. My Aperture database is open all day now.

Of course, I would still like DT to be able to read metadata, then I could store relevant photos with these data in DT for work. Media nowadays take the same important role like text, so DT should be able to handle them. The standard metadata are the tool to use – I think.

Best, Maria

Bill, get Aperture, you were right in everything you said on that thread!

Hi, Maria. The DEVONtechnologies team will be meeting in Malta in March and I plan to take lots of pictures!

So I probably will be ordering Aperture soon. :slight_smile:

I’ve been very impressed by its performance on a friend’s computer.

But does there exist an academic version / pricing of Aperture? At the Dutch Applestore it is for sale at € 319, plus 19% VAT; and no whispering about an academic price at all!

The price for the academic version of Aperture 1.5 is Eur 198,73 in the german education-store.

HTH, Regards.

Exactly the same academic price in Holland! I forgot to look under “Education”. Thanks!

Sorry for my late reply, I have been working in the garden until until now that I cannot move anything except some brain components and perhaps a fingertip…

Yes, the Aperture academic version exists, I bought in in Japanese Yen and enjoy the exchange rate which made it 120 Euro, hahahahah.

Bill, I should join the DevonThink team (user interface advisor, consistency manager), and we meet in Malta. I would like to see Malta, breath a bit of Europe and meet you in person. Beside buying Aperture, could you please insist in implementing meta data management of media files in DevonThink as long as I am not a member of the team? :laughing:

Best from the beautiful south of Japan,