sorting question in biographical db related to wikilinks

I decided to try out DTPO to create a biographical db for my research.

For each individual I create an RTF document. What I find particularly useful is the ability to drag and drop all kinds of links (URLs, Bookends references, images). What is also great is Wikilinks so all these individual cards become automatically interlinked.

However, here I encounter a weird issue. I would like to have all the documents I create (per individual) sorted on surname in the left pane which would mean that I have to name them “Zaagsma, Gerben”, for example. But of course, if I do that the wikilinks go wrong because a name in a document would typically be inserted as “Gerben Zaagsma”.

Any ideas anyone?


you can use Aliases for that. Just enter “Gerben Zaagsma” in the second field of the Info-Window of your “Zaagsma, Gerben”-document. You can even use several Aliases separated by comma (in your case “Zaagsma” could be a second Alias. All Aliases will be linked to the entire document by the wiki-system.


I didn’t realize I could do that. It’s a big help. Thanks Gerben for asking and Johannes for answering.


Hi Johannes,

Thanks a lot! This is exactly what I needed :slight_smile:

Have a good weekend,