Sorting search results by date

Would it be possible to sort search results by date, as well as by score, name, and size (as is currently available)?


I second that. have been nagging aboutt it for ages, and got aqssurances that it is on the to-do list and will come in future versions. But whenjavascript:huh()

More flexible columns and sorting in all views will be part of version 1.9. But the next releases will be DT Pro & DT 1.8.2 and afterwards v1.9 will come.

Any updates on that? DTTG is by and large not usable for me, as I have often loads of search results, and they are always, by default, sorted by relevance (something that’s also annoying me in DT too). I normally am interested in the latest conversation about a topic, not in the most “relevant” according to what Devon thinks. I keep clicking and rescrolling to the top literally at each search action, and I cannot even do that in DDTG.

Please fix it.