Sorting Tables or Sheets

I created a table in DTP 2.3.2 and would like to sort it by one of the columns.
I would like to keep it sorted as I make entries over time. Can this be done?

Also DTP help talks about sheets. They are not at Data > Sheets but at Edit > Sheets and in my table anything beyond that is greyed out. I could not create a sheet in a blank DTP rtf sheet either

Sheets are different than tables in RTF. To modify RTF tables, click inside the table and use Format > Table – a new panel will open that contains table editing controls. The following sheets commands have no effect whatsoever on RTF tables.

Create a sheet using Data > New > Sheet

Sort a sheet by clicking the sort triangle at the top of a column, each click alternates the sort between ascending and descending. It is not possible to keep a column sorted automatically.

Add rows using Edit > Sheets > New Record, add, delete, and change column names using Edit > Sheets

When a sheet document is exported is is a tab-separated file (.tsv extension), and can be opened in Excel or any other app you have that reads .tsv’s. (Oddly, this doesn’t include Numbers.) If you import a comma-separated (.csv) or tab-separated file into DEVONthink, it will be displayed as a sheet.

All of this is also explained in the Help file, the Manual and in Joe Kissel’s Take Control book about DEVONthink.

Unfortunately the menus in DTP are not the most intuitive.
I love the program though
I do have Joe Kissel’s book, but I guess I didn’t search properly
I found the Help Menu useless and can’t find the manual