Sorting the comments field

A while ago I asked that the “Comments” field be made sortable - and given the number of people who are using comments for metadata I am surely not alone in wanting this.

I’m as happy as anyone at the speed at which Christian et al are improving DTpro but would it be possible to add this small feature? - fairly soon? It would be a great boon to some of us.

The fact that ALL the other fields (Creation date, label etc) – hell, even the comments column in “sheets” – are already sortable, implies that the poor comments field has not only been neglected but crippled.
Time to rehabilitate it. :astonished:

Thanks In Advance,


Count me in on this feature request. I too use Comments for metadata (in DN) and would find it very useful to be able to sort the Comments column - it’s a bit of an anomaly that this is not already possible.

Thank you for the suggestion, this will be probably added to the next release.