sources field

I know this may sound like overkill (and possibly stands in the way of simplicity), but it would be very helpful for me if I could mark my documents with some kind of sourceinfo, e.g. bibliographic info, URL or whatever, since I often need to cite those docs and storing the source inside the document itself is somewhat tedious.
This would probably require the database to be modified and therefore be a difficult task, but it would be very nice to have as an option…

Think about it, one single field for the source, or maybe something like BibTeX with several fields, could further simplify some people’s lives…


Some kind of meta information will probably be added some day. In the meantime you could use URL or comment fields to add your information.

I use a bibliographic database to store references (Endnote 6), and am gradually accumulating a bunch of quotes, articles, and article extracts inside DEVONthink. I can (as was suggested above) include a short citation for this material in the URL field (for web references) or in the Comments field, each of which can be searched individually. And I can of course search the entire content of the articles/extracts. This method works well for me and it’s even convenient to have references stored separately in their own place - & compare it to the number of applications that must often be implicated in the digital workflow of, for example, graphic design, and I’ve really got it simple.

Well, that should do it for now. I always thought DT would need the URL for any internal purposes, but in case I can change it to whatever I feel like without summoning spinning beachballs of death I am ok with it :slight_smile: