Spacing after last element of a bullet list

Something I find quite annoying is that the spacing after the last element of a bullet list does never look like the original.

Here is how the original looks in Safari:

an here is how it looks in DTP after capturing the snippet with Command-Shift-9 to the database:

Since I have hundreds of RTF documents with bullet list I don´t want to correct the spacing/paragraph for each of them.

This is not only with numbered lists but also with unnumbered bullet lists. Sometimes aslo the spacing between an image and the next paragraph is not like the original when capturing a website as web archive.

I would be glad if this could be fixed in a future version of DTP.[/img]


Sorry, not DT Pro’s fault.

DT Pro uses Apples Cocoa text. Apple has been steadily improving Cocoa text, but it’s not perfect yet.

Thanks Bill, that´s what I thought anyway. I hope it´s going to be fixed by Apple sometimes.