Spam in my Devonthink inbox

Anybody know how a message from my email could show up in my Devonthink inbox?

For the past couple years, I’ve been getting spam emails that look as if they’re coming from my own email addresses (two separate accounts). They don’t have links and always have the same subject line, “new message from” and the same message, 42 - ()

This morning, one of these spam messages appeared in my Devonthink inbox. When I opened my email (Mailmate), I saw I had received the email, still showing that it was unopened.

Any guesses on how it wormed it’s way into Devonthink? I don’t have any rules set up to import them (obviously).


You can check the Inbox in the Finder.

  1. Quit DEVONthink.
  2. In the Finder, press Command-Shift-G and paste: ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Inbox
  3. If you see the items in there (and this is where they should be) you can safely delete them.
  4. Relaunch DEVONthink.

MailMate has its own bundles, including one for DEVONthink. I’d look there next.

Sorry, I don’t think I was clear. The spam message showed up in my Devonthink inbox without me moving it there. I’m wondering how that could have happened, and if I need to worry about a bad actor getting into DT on my laptop.

No idea on this. Did you check Apple Mail rules, just to be certain?

As DEVONthink doesn’t import emails on its own, another possibility might be that you accidentally used the shortcut of Add to DEVONthink 3 in Apple Mail.

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I don’t use Apple Mail. Also I couldn’t have used the Add to Devonthink rule in Mailmate because I didn’t even know the email had come in–which is why it was still marked unread among a bunch of other new emails.
But I appreciate your brainstorming on this!

  • Do you have the DEVONthink bundle installed in MailMate?
  • Using an Alfred workflow with MailMate?

No on Alfred, and yes to the DT3 bundle in Mailmate.

Hmm… Any shortcut utilities like Keyboard Maestro or other utils to process email?

I have two DT3 smart rule to import email notifications for two different credit cards, but that’s it. I set them up over a year ago and they work perfectly.

The exact same spam email has been showing up in my mailbox for at least a couple years. This is the first time I’ve seen one of them mysteriously appear in the DT3 inbox.

No idea on this and it’s the only such report I’m aware of.