Special link for subordinate (translated) files

Thanks again, Bluefrog!

I’ve done a lot of testing, spending serious time with Acrobat, LiquidText, Preview, and Skim on the Mac, and Acrobat, iAnnotate, and LiquidText on the iPad, and PDF Expert seemed to be* the best compromise for trying to straddle both platforms with my PDF needs. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  1. I appreciate the split-screen options for viewing a single or multiple documents. This is especially useful when I’m trying to read the endnotes in an academic article or, indeed, as in the case above, reading the original and translation side-by-side. Crucially, this includes the ability to annotate the same document in two different places (on the two screens) concurrently.
  2. I appreciate the ease with which I can navigate forward and backward between different portions of large documents (books), by pressing a single spot on the page. I often have to shift between a chapter, its “notes” section, and the references section, and the controls on PDF Expert make this simple and very fast. I appreciate that DT and DTTG do allow me to search through the indexed table of contents for PDFs that are bookmarked as such, but this requires a relatively laborious procedure for a series of events that might happen every minute or two.
  3. I find the annotation controls to be more accessible (and comprehensive) in PDF Expert.
  4. As far as I can tell, the document manipulation possibilities, including creating a table of contents, re-pagination, and using multiple forms of pagination in the same document (as in adding Roman numeral pages to a book before the Arabic numbered pages) are more robust in PDF Expert.
  5. The OCR capabilities of PDF Expert differ such that I end up with visually similar documents that are significantly smaller in size than those produced by DTP or Acrobat. I’m not sure why this is, but I appreciate it.

*In principle, though not fully in practice, I like the idea of the continuous experience of having PDF Expert on the Mac and the iPad. PDF Expert works well across both platforms on its own but, to my knowledge, the iPad implementation is not yet fully integrated with DTTG insofar as updates don’t cascade from PDF Expert back to DTTG consistently, especially if annotation takes place in PDF Expert when WiFi is unavailable. (See: Unable to edit DTTG 3 PDF in PDF Expert - SOLVED - #94 by jlc ; though the issue is marked as “solved,” the problem I mention still persisted the last time I tested it.) I had implemented my current workflow before realizing this problem, but I like most other aspects of the workflow, so I’m holding out in hope that this problem will be fixed.

If DevonThink had the above capabilities it would save me money, time, and effort to eliminate PDF Expert from my workflow, but at this point the navigation and manipulation capabilities are so key that I’ve basically stopped using my iPad for annotation while waiting for a fix for the above.

We’ve come some ways from the special link request, but the above, too, could be things for development to consider in future iterations.

With my thanks and best wishes, once again.