specific search help

Hi, folks,
I’ve been using and loving DevonThink, but I’m brand new to DevonAgent and I must say it’s a bit of a mind bender!

I wonder if anyone would help me formulate a search. I’ve done the basics and the results are fine, but no better than I’d find with Google alone.

What I’m after are images of sheet music covers from about 1915-1925, specifically ones that include images of the collegiate lifestyle: pennants, raccoon coats, ukuleles, flappers, etc.

How would YOU phrase your search for something like this?

I’m really not asking you to do my homework–I’m trying to learn this crazy new tool!


Could you post your earlier queries plus some examples of pages you’re looking for? That would make it easier to understand what you’re looking for exactly, thanks.

Thanks for the quick reply!

My first search is just

“sheet music” collegiate

which brought me to: rubylane.com/shops/sharp-objects/item/1059-7

I changed my search terms to “sheet music” flapper ukulele

which led me to an ebay page: instruments.shop.ebay.com/Sheet- … kw=ukulele

with some good examples of what I’m after.

So, I can dig around the old-fashioned way and eventually find what I want, but as I said, I’m trying to learn DA by example.

I hope my examples clarify things a bit–and thanks for your help!

Sounds like a tricky task as you’re basically looking for images.

The first suggestion coming to my mind would be a primary search term “sheet music cover” (including the quotes) and a secondary search term “~sheet (~flapper || ~ukulele || ~pennant ||~ collegiate || ~raccoon)” (without the quotes)

Returns six results over here (using “Internet (Fast Scan)”) which should be more or less what you’re after (hopefully).