specify "open externally" applications

I know I’ve written about this before, but I’d really like to see the ability to specify the application used for the “open externally” feature. Even better would be the ability to specify a file creator on a per-document basis, since some .pdfs I want to open in preview and some I’d like to open in Acrobat.

It’s clear that DT won’t become a full-fledged word processor, and I’m fine with that. Recently, though, I’ve started using Nisus Writer express, which uses RTF as its native file format. It’s quite an excellent word processor, and it’d be great to open (some) RTF files in NWE straight from within DT. As it stands, I must show the file in the finder then double-click it there.

Nisus Writer is so excellent, in fact, that I really wouldn’t mind having the folks at DEVON talk with the folks at Nisus to see how the applications could work seamlessly together.  ;)

An "Open With" command will be part of the next two releases (not yet clear which one).

In addition, it’s quite easy to create similar commands using DT Pro’s AppleScript support, e.g. the current alpha builds contain two scripts “Open > in Preview” and “Open > in PhotoStickies”.

That’s good news, Christian. Thanks!

The last time I checked, Nisus WE did not even have footnotes and many other quite standard features.