Specify "similar words"

Is there a way to specifically define similar words. I work with documents in multiple languages where names are spelt differently. Ideally I’d like to be able to enter a name in one language and for the search results to include specific other spelling variations of that one name.

Many thanks in advance for consideration.

You can’t define similar words but you could e.g. use the OR operator to look for various spellings.

Like this…
text:(peter OR pieter OR petra)

Many thanks. I was hoping to find a way to automate the OR from one word as I have to do it frequently and with multiple names (ie, given, middle, surname).

Just realised TextExpander may offer a solution.

Care to elaborate?

I am guessing: Pre-setting a shortcut in TS, e.g. “/peter” to expand into a search string of “peter OR pieter OR petra” if those variations are known in advance and can be modified in TS on ongoing basis.

For me, I use nn, tt, to expand them into “name:”, “tag:” in search field. It’s quite a time saver. TS works on iOS in DTTG, too.

As suggested by ngan above. Working well.

Thanks all.