Specifying destination/tags/title with import-clipboard?

I am trying to build a shortcut to take a PDF or image, put it in the system clipboard, then tell DTTGO to take the clipboard content and import it with some tags to a location I specify.

The importing part works fine but I can’t get any of the extra parameters from the manual like tags, destination or anything else really to work for import-clipboard. Is this something that’s just not supported for this action or am I doing something wrong?

(I tried the createdocument action and it works a bit better but having to base64 encode everything first takes a good amount of extra time…)

Another idea was to use x-success to modify the created document with tags & rename it but I also can’t get that to work, DTTGO isn’t redirecting back to shortcuts. If this is working, can someone provide me a working example for reference?

Background for this workflow is that certain types of PDFs and images that I import should be tagged with specific things that tell smart rules to do things like apply OCR or file them away accordingly. The share sheet to DTTGO isn’t fast enough because I have to retype the same fields over and over again depending on the document type.

(I am currently using an iCloud drive heavy workflow and save into iCloud first, then have my Mac take that out and put it in DT3, but want to cut out iCloud altogether since that’s the only point where my data isn’t encrypted and touches a third party server as is)

If you’re intending on not using iCloud, then what are you using and where is the input coming from?

I still use iCloud for syncing DT but I want to keep my files encrypted

The input comes mainly from document scanner apps like Scanbot or Prizmo. Currently they auto upload into iCloud, then my server (not accessible from the internet) pulls it out, OCR and into DT. I want to get rid of this step to not have the files uploaded to iCloud unencrypted

But back to the question, is this doable with shortcuts?