Speed--G5 vs G4

I have a G4 iMac, 800 MHz, with 768 MB RAM. I’m considering upgrading to a G5 iMac with 1 MB RAM or more.

For the last few months, I’ve been experimenting with a beta of DevonThink Pro 1.9: at this point my database consists of about 10,000 items, for a total of some 600 MB. I’ve begun to experience the slowdown effects of the larger database.

Can anyone suggest the kind of speed improvement, if any, that I’m likely to see using Devon with the G5? Will Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) have any impact, positive on negative, on Devon’s speed in indexing, classifying, and optimizing documents? Thanks!

Jeff H.

Performance improvements you’ll see on a beta, unreleased product, on a beta, unreleased OS?

I think you’ll have a tough time getting actual practical experience here :wink:

Perhaps so, but I didn’t thiink it was too wild-eyed of me to hope that someone, while using a recent version of Devon Personal or Pro and a comparably sized database, might have migrated from a G4 to a G5. And judging by the discussion of Spotlight on the Devon site (see, for example, devon-technologies.com/produ … tlight.php ) the developers already have considerable experience with Tiger and are reconfiguring the program to deal with the new OS!

Jeff H.