Speed of wifi sync

Is there any way of speeding up the sync between my Mac DT and DTTG? Via wifi sometimes it takes an hour or more if I have one large (800MB movie) file. What would happen if I dragged the file into the ‘add to’ window for Devonthink in iTunes?


Hi. It is certainly slow with video files. That is one reason why I don’t put video files into DT. Another reason is that DT can’t do anything with them – there is no text inside for it to see, so it doesn’t benefit from the AI. When I sync video or audio to the iPad, I usually do that through a music playlist or movie in iTunes.

Thanks for taking the time to answer. I keep all my teaching materials in Devonthink and sync them across to the iPad to take them to school. I teach using a lot of film clips and audio as well as some large embedded powerpoints. The long sync time is driving me crazy. I really don’t want to keep switching apps for notes and videos. But maybe I have no choice.

Do you know for sure that it is not your WiFi network that is slow? You could try to use the “Create Network” feature on your Mac and test sync that way.

I don’t sync files as large as the OP, but it is pretty slow for me with clips about 40-80MB or so. I’d say a minute or two just for one file. I use the iPad in classes as well, and I’ve actually had problems with DT playing multiple files at once, being unable to stop sound clips, and being unable to rewind. It can make a mess of a lesson and I’ve even had sound clips suddenly start playing in the middle of meetings. It isn’t worth it.It’s too slow to sync and too much hassle to handle.

DTTG is great for what I do, and syncing with iTunes works fine for everything else. Version 2 will probably be better, but I doubt I’ll use many clips with it, especially if the sync is slow.