Speeding up animations?

This isn’t technically a DEVONthink question, but I’m hoping you can point me in the right direction…

I’ve always been annoyed by the speed at which some Mac UI elements slide into place. But I don’t know what those elements are called, so I don’t know how to fix them. They’re not “sheets”, which have a 3D animation effect, like TextEdit’s Save As dialog. To fix those, I can set NSWindowResizeTime.

The effects that bug me are more like window shades, curtains, etc. You can see the effect by going into System Preferences, then clicking a particular preference pane (say, Sharing), and then Show All. As the window changes size, it rolls up and down.

I’m on a Mac Pro, which is otherwise fast, but those animations have a specific duration, and on such a fast computer, they feel slow.

DEVONthink uses that animation for the “Delete x items?” confirmation. (I think I saw that DT2.0 has undo/redo, so I’m hoping that confirmation goes away in 2.0.) Do you know a way to set the duration globally in defaults? If not, could you tell me what it’s called, so I can read up on it?

Did you have a look at TinkerTool?