Speeding up OCR

The primary value of DEVONthink Pro Office for my research is its marvelous combination of OCR and rigourous indexing.

Two minor restrictions, however, are hindering me. The first (OCR 50 pages max) I think is unavoidable. The second, however, is speed, or rather (either on my iBook G4 or iMac G5) slowness. OCR’ing large documents really slows down my machine.

My question is, what would be the primary characteristic to look for in a new machine in order to speed up OCR’ing? Is it more processing power, more RAM, or increased video memory? Probably all three, but what would be the primary characteristic that is important for the OCR process?[/img]

OCR is very resource-intensive.

The more RAM, the better. Fast CPU makes a difference also. Those are more significant than the video card, generally.

Any of the current Intel Macs, especially with a couple of GB of RAM (or more if it can be recognized), will blow away your current equipment. But OCR will remain one of the slower operations on your computer; there’s a lot of processing and data comparison going on.

I’ve been scanning a lot of paper through my ScanSnap. I turn off document attributes in DTPO OCR Preferences, so that I can add another set of pages to the scanner as soon as a set has been scanned, and this allows continuous scanning and OCR without interruption to add the document attributes.

I’ve got a Power Mac G5 dual core 2.3 GHz with 5 GB RAM as the machine that is usually hooked to the ScanSnap. Also have a MacBook Pro 2.0 GHz dual core with 2 GB RAM and it also performs well on scan/OCR duties. I have a ModBook with 2.16 GHz cores and 3 GB RAM on order, and I’m curious to see how it will perform on OCR. Will that slower video card make a difference? (On balance, I doubt it.)