Speeding up "Set Title As" process?

I have 1400 entries that I need to “Set Title As” the first of the body. Is there a way to do this in a batch? If not, can I at least hotkey “Set Title As?” Since it’s not in a menu, I’m not sure how to accomplish this using OS X’s built in keyboard shortcuts.

What are these “entries” – PDF? RTF? Text? Something else?

“the first of the body” is what? For example: First word? First paragraph? First 26 characters?

A script might be possible – depends on what an “entry” is.

The entries* are all either TXT or RTF. The first line would be just the entire line. Titles can range for a relatively short 100 characters to 300-400, but in each case, there’s a line return at the end.

*“Entry” may not be the right word. Perhaps “record” would have been a better choice?

Gotcha. Definitely could be handled with a custom script. If memory serves, there is such a script someone on the forum if you have a moment to look back for it. (Not necessarily in the Scripting channel of the forum – these sort of postings get themselves stuffed here and there.)

Great, thanks. I’ll search for it :slight_smile: