Spinning ball in iCloud Legacy location settings?


I am having an issue on a new iPad. I set everything same as my other iPad. When I go to view a file the download button is not doing anything. When I go to settings, location and select iCloud(Legacy), I get the spinning ball and nothing happens. I reset the network settings in iPadOS. Please advice.

i suggest as a first step restart the device and see if Apple’s iCloud reconnects. also check online that iCloud status for your location is ok. lastly you could clean that sync location and set up again or even try a different third party service provider or use Bonjour if your devices on same local network (avoids both internet and third party complexities).

You already have some kind of sync going on here…

What location is syncing there?

iCloud Legacy.

I would let the active sync finish what it’s doing.
It’s possible the channel is busy at the moment.