Spinning beach ball when trying to use Devonsphere

I just re-installed Devonsphere after some years not using it. This is a different computer than the one it was on before (which is history). Now, next to the leaf in menubar there is a yellow triangle. I get a spinning beach ball if I try to click further.

Is this because the app is building a new index? Should I just give it some time? Or is something amiss?



  • Did you add items to DEVONsphere’s Preferences > Locations and Categories?
    • If so, what?

I am unable to access preferences. When I go to the leaf with the triangle and click on it, nothing happens.

I did enable the control and access preferences in security and privacy, as instructed when installing.

Also, I see in Activity Monitor that there is no sign that DS is doing anything.

In DEVONsphere Express, click the Action menu (gear icon), hold the Option key and select Help > Report Bug.

Is DEVONsphere Express installed in /Applications?