Split document as part of a smart rule?

The “split document” command is in the conceptual menu of the document. Is there any way to include split document in a smart rule?
I have a number of monthly downloads, in txt format, of my daily writing entries on 750words.com. Each entry (about 30 per month) has a heading like this:

------ ENTRY ------
Date: 2019-04-01
Words: 752
Minutes: 115

I’d like to search on the entry heading, split the document, rename the remaining portion of the document, and search for the next entry heading to begin the process again.


  • So you have one document with multiple entries you want to split into separate documents?
  • What are you searching for?
  • How is this to be incorporated into a smart rule?

Yes. Every entry begins with ------ENTRY------. There are about 30 in every document. I have ten documents.

I want to separate writing from whinging about writing. So I would search for “writing,” “write” “book” “bk” and “MNE.”

I understand smart rules by analogy to Apple’s smart search (for me, always very simple), and capable of incorporating an action. The action I want to take is “split document.” I imagine that such a smart rule would go something like this:

  1. Find ------ENTRY------
  2. Split document
  3. Rename document "Entry [date (from the Date field in the heading) (exactly how is TBD–I’m learning here).
  4. Find next ------ENTRY------
  5. Stop Find when there are no more documents.

After the documents are split, I could make a separate search for the writing terms.

This isn’t an urgent problem for me, and I don’t want to go any distance down this path if it’s more complicated than I imagine. It seemed like a useful way for me to learn something about DT3, and every so often I want to be able to split and merge documents. (Also, I’ll soon be hitting the 200,000 word count with these documents, which is a bit of an incentive.)

I can also make a keyboard shortcut to split in the context menu, and in the process, I could tag entries that had writing in them. Plus, it provides a review of the entries.