Split pane views?

Hi guys,

I was wondering if it’s possible to open and view two files side-by-side or over-and-under?

I’d like to be looking at a research document in one pane and typing in another.


Just open in two windows and resize and place side by side.

I often use DEVONnote’s floating window to take notes while viewing documents in any application, including DTPO2. When not in use, the DEVONnote note window is minimized in the Dock.

Ah yes! I forgot about being able to do that! Thanks!


Does a floating notepad exist in DTPO also?

Or do I need DevonNote?

Only DEVONnote has floating windows.

There is the little jotter Widget for DEVONthink apps (Extras folder on the download disk image), though. And in the future there will be a rich note creation feature for DT Pro/Office 2, perhaps through the Sorter.

I can double-click files in DTP and they appear as floating windows. Then I can line them up side-by-side and read one while typing in the other. I’m not sure what you mean by the floating windows thing in DEVONnote…

“floating window” means, that a window is always in front, its still in front when you change to another programm, say Safari, this gives you the possibility to jot down notes to Devenote even when you are in another programm, easily.

But as Bill mentioned the widget in DTPO is also a nice possibility.