Split screen documents and centred views

DTPO is seriously good software - but it needs to be able to view documents in both horizontal and vertical split-screen views, with the ability to load whatever document you like in whichever split, à la Scrivener. (In fact, I think this feature would make it more attractive than Scrivener.)

Plus, some tweak to the UI to somehow get the “main document” in the middle of the screen - I always seem to have the main document at the extreme right.

Thank you for the feedback! Could you please post some screenshots?

I’m sure you’ve seen split-screen views in Scrivener? It’s extremely useful when composing work.

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Using DT3 Beta 6.

Split screen is not a “live view.” Actually, it does not update at all as I type and only shows updated notes when I switch to the Preview window and then back again to Split Screen view.

Having a live view update as I type would make the split screen invaluable but without live updates as I type it is more or less useless.

Hope it can be fixed by the next beta release!!

And, by the way, thanks for all your hard work. This is going to be a major update to DevonThink.

From OP it seems all u need is to save the file (cmd-S) for refreshing the preview window.

I tried it and your suggestion is great!! Thanks. . . . still wish it was a live view. But, this is responsive enough that it may be enough for me. Appreciate your help.

Are we talking about split view in DT3 here? (I guess we must be, because split view in Scrivener updates in real-time.) Because if so I missed it! How do you invoke it?

They are referring to View > Document Display > Side-by-Side for Markdown documents in DEVONthink 3.

Oh. I thought it was a ‘general’ thing. Nope. And, yeah, I see what they mean anyway.,