split view/ snapping back to previous collection & longer ti

I have two questions:

  1. I mostly work in split view. When I have one group open, and I click on a folder in that group, then add a document, the program usually snaps back to the previous view–sort of like closing the folder. This is extremely annoying to me, as if I have a group/ folder open almost invariably I want it to stay open until I close it. I have looked and I just can’t see any way of changing this strange behavior.

  2. One of the nice things about Finder is that it can deal now with longer titles by making them two lines. Devon Pro doesn’t seem to do this. Any title of a folder that is longer than 8 characters or so gets grossly abbreviated. Are there any preferences I can change to allow for a two line title?

I’m not able to replicate that behavior in Split View. Are you perhaps double clicking the group? This will cause it to open in its own window, and the view does indeed revert to the former view in that new window (which seems like a bug to me).

Just hover the cursor over the column separator next to the Name column, the cursor will change to a double arrow, click-hold-and-drag to adjust the column width.

[size=85]The red arrow points to the column separator[/size]

The details for the snapping shut are slightly different than what I indicated yesterday. I wrote that using memory. I’ve taken some screen shots and this is what happens:

  1. I open a folder, in this case “DAD-cop…” See first screenshot if it shows up.

1. open folder.tiff (171 KB)

  1. I delete a document from said folder.

  2. The folder in which I was working–in this “DAD-cop…” closes and I see the higher level of folders.

2. higher level of folders.tiff (217 KB)

Regarding the columns–I know about that, but when you are working in split view and you are seeing large icons for your subfolders–as above–the title invariably abbreviates to a short, one-line title. As you can see from above (if they screenshots came through), some of those abbreviations are extreme and rendered somewhat illegible. What I like is the type of view when you have an icon on your desktop and the title is allowed to go over two lines. Of course, at some point abbreviations are necessary, but the point at which devon abbreviates seems to me very soon.

Ah, gotcha. I see that now. The snapping-shut behavior occurs when the “Widescreen” option is active along with Split View. I don’t get that behavior when Widescreen is inactive. And, I get more real estate to expand document titles because the file list is now above the file preview panel.

IMO, file deletes without snap-shut should occur regardless of whether Widescreen is active or not. Confirming @elenor’s posting, this looks like a bug for Christian to address.