Splitting a database with indexed files and OCR

I have indexed files to create a database in DevonThinkPro and I have then converted many of the pdf files into searchable files. The resulting database is now very big (100GB+) and I want to split it into smaller databases which I find more manageable.
I have created a new database, drag some indexed directory from the initial database to the new one and that worked fine as I got the desired result: a new database with only a subset of the initial one.
However, when I synchronize the new database, DTO re-indexed all the files that were previously OCR and trashed (in the initial database). As a result, all the files in the new database new to be OCR again.
Is there a way to avoid this?

Thanks in advance.

Reading your post, I am unclear how you structured your original database. If you originally indexed a group of pdf documents and then converted (in DTPO) some of those documents to Searchable PDF, then at that time you had two copies of the PDFs on your computer-non-searchable PDFs (filetype=PDF) that were still indexed in the database, and searchable PDFs (filetype=PDF+text) that were self-contained in the database. The searchable PDFs did not replace the original indexed files on your computer. If all the PDFs in the group contained in the original database were copied over to the new database, then the PDF+text documents should have been included as well.