splitting a database

I’d like to divide my DTP database; on my old iMac it is getting quite slow. It’s 1.6GB. I now see several groups that would make sense as separate dbs, and the program’s AI would no doubt work better and faster. Whenever DTP2 arrives, with ability to open >1 db at a time, this will be perfect; until then I can open and close them.

I tried exporting the contents as Files and Folders but that way I lose metadata such as urls for captured webpages and articles.

What is the best way to do this?

When you invoke File > Export > Files & Folders a special file accompanies the exported items, That file is named DEVONtech_storage, and it holds metadata associated with the exported items, including the source URLs of items captured from Web pages.

Before making such an export, I recommend creating a new folder in the Finder to which the exported material will be sent.

When you import that material into another database, be sure to include the DEVONtech_storage file. Either use File > Import > Files & Folders on the folder holding the exported material, or select ALL of the content of that folder, including the DEVONtech_storage file.

After confirming a successful import into the second database, the temporary Finder folder used in the transfer can be safely deleted.

The way I’ve split a database is to duplicate the original, rename it, then delete unwanted content from the original and renamed copy. Haven’t noticed any problems doing it like that.

sjk and Bill,

Thank you both! My question answered, and a suggestion of another possible way to do it.

I’ve just started out with DTPO and it’s OCR and entered both my personal and business bank statements and receipts in the same db. I’ll probably split now that I think about it. Is there a “preferred” way to split seeing there are two options listed here? Or is it the old “six of one, half a dozen of the other”, and either way will be fine?

Also, what is a “managable” db file size, in general? How large in terms of MB/GB? In otherwords, at what point should I start splitting out other dbs as they grow in file size?


The size doesn’t really matter, the number of items and words (see Database Properties) are more important. More than 40 thousand items or 50 million words are usually not recommend.

I’ll add that bit of information to my databases as a text file to serve as a reminder when I’m working in my db’s.