Splitting a database?

Hi all-

I have a DTPO2 database, and I’d like to split it up into smaller databases. Problem is, I’ve established quite a few links to external programs using the “x-devonthink://” URL.

If, hypothetically, the database has two top-level groups that I want to be each in an individual database, can I do it this way?

Duplicate the database using the Finder.
Launch one copy and delete group #1.
Launch the other copy and delete the other group: #2.
Give the databases different filenames.

Does this preseve the UUIDs? Anything else to watch out for?

Thanks! Charles

These links are unique amongst databases, however if you copy/export these to another database they will not be the same anymore (and this is one of the reasons why moving doesn’t work yet because we have to make sure this works perfectly). As far as I know this is one of the things on our list to solve before the final V2 is released.

Thanks Annard-

Perhaps I can write an Applescript to convert between UUIDs and filenames…

Best, Charles

I was thinking about this very thing last night. My current database is relatively small (3.5 mb), but I expect it to grow considerably. I read in the docs last night that it will slow down considerably unless I break it into smaller databases. That isn’t a problem for me (I have some very logical pieces I can break it into). What concerns me is if I will lose the wiki-links by breaking it up. I’m building an evolution database, and I really do rely on the wiki-links to people and theories in the db.

Anyone know?