Splitting a Taskpaper File Upon Import

I am pretty sure I had done something like this years ago, but can’t figure out how to do so now. I have a Taskpaper document (text file) that I want to import into DT, but instead of creating a single file it would create individual files based upon lines and indentation. Single unindented lines would be imported as a text file, but if a line had indented lines below, it would capture those lines as part of the file.

As an alternative, lines that had indented lines below them could create a folder for the top line, and individual files for each indented line below.

This is basically a text file with tasks and projects that I would like to import and break apart into individual tasks and projects.

That describe’s DEVONthink’s import behavior with OPML files. Perhaps you were doing something back then to create OPML from your .taskpaper file?

I don’t recall if TaskPaper 2 could export to OPML – I know that TaskPaper 3 does not do this natively, but Rob recently posted a script on the HogBay forum that will export from TaskPaper 3 to OPML. If you do that, and then import that OPML into DEVONthink you should get what you want.

I think that’s exactly what it was Korm. I remember importing some OmniOutliner files in awhile back. I’ll give Rob’s script a try and thanks for the help.


I wanted to let you know that the script worked flawlessly. The import to DT was smooth and everything is where it should be.

Thanks for the help.

Great – I’m glad this worked out as you wanted.