splitting PDFs into seperate documents after scanning

Hi there,

say I have scanned a ton of pages into DT and the result is a single PDF file. Is there a way I can split out pages of that file into new files?

e.g. say the ton of pages contain all sorts of different stuff. some invoices, some magazine pages, whatever.

now after scanning I want to be able to rip out the invoices and put them into new files within DT so I have them separated.

Is this possible? Or will I have to take care of proper file creation outside of DT?


Generally, it’s good practice to scan individual documents as you will want them stored. That is, don’t put all the paper in the scanner at one time and make a single file.

Now that you have a single file, open the DT help file and search for “Split”. Or search this forum for “Split PDF”. Lots of helpful advice there.