splitting sheet into individual items

I’m new to DT (and to OSx, for that matter), but am extremely impressed by what I’ve seen so far. Im now trying to switch from my Win infomanager, Zoot, to DT. So far the best procedure I’ve found is to export Zoot databases as .csv files, and import them into DT. Which gets all my data into DT, but leaves me with massive and largely useless sheets.

Can someone tell me how to split sheets into individual items, each record being an item?

(I’ll also want automatically to create a new group for each discrete word in the “folders” column of these sheets, and assign items to these groups, but I’ll ask about that in a separate post, once I’ve split up my sheets. No sense being greedy…)

Many thanks!

Does Zoot support any other export formats? There are only scripts available to split stuff exported by InfoSelect, see viewtopic.php?f=20&t=8851

Zoot allows export of subsets of a database into htm and pdf. The htm comes out fairly clean, though it would require a lot of subsequent cutting into individual items to become useful in DT.

The export of the entire Zoot database into csv is actually very effective, and produces a neat spreadsheet w/ all values clearly identified. This, in turn, imports well into DT. Just that it’s a huge, largely unusuable block of data, that needs to be broken down into individual items.

So, is there really no way of writing a script that would split a DT sheet into individual DT items, each record/row of the sheet becoming an item? Won’t someone tackle this as a challenge, and earn my undying gratitude? Or at least point me in the general direction of scripting documentation, so I can figure it out?

Seems to me that the import function of a database/info management is critical for new adoption, given the effort involved in switching from one program to another. And it seems to me, unless I’m missing something, that DT’s capabilities here are a bit thin, compared to the mind-boggling power of the program in other areas.