spontaneous change of file names in DTPO

I have been using DTPO in a medical practice for quality management since 2009 ([url]DTPO for quality management in doctors office]) without any problems.

During the last few months however, we repeatedly were unable to find certain documents. Looking a bit closer we found out that they had not disappeared but just changed their names. So under the same name we could find two different documents: the ‘real’ one and the ‘lost’ one with a wrong name.

We are using DTPO (2.8.1) on a MacMini (10.8.5), the size of the database being app. 200 MB. Besides DTPO and 4-Sight-Fax no further applications are running on the machine.

After creating or changing documents on a different machine within the LAN I synchronize with the database on the server. But the problem definitely occurred without synchronization too. As far as I remember, it started after upgrading from MacOS 10.6. to 10.8.

Hopefully someone out there has an idea or might give me a hint how to manage this problem.

Thanks in advance,

P.S. I posted this topic yesterday in the German forum ([url]Spontane Änderung von Dateinamen (Chamäleon-Phänomen) inDTPO]) because I didn’t feel capable to explain it in English. Over night this has changed :smiley:

Could you tell us what they changed from and what they changed to? When you go back through your backups (I hope you are keeping regular ones), can you pinpoint when the change occurred?

“Two different documents” with the “same name” but one with “a wrong name”? Not sure what that means.

Are these documents indexed, or are they imported (internal) to your database(s)? If you select each of these “two different documents” and use Data > Show In Finder is the location in the file system the same for each?

Do you use Aliases (Tools > Show Info > Aliases)?

The names of the documents changed from their original one to the name of a different document. So we had two different documents, one with a correct and one with a wrong name.

Yes, all the documents are imported. And we don’t use aliases but make extensive use of spotligt comments.

As I answered to Christian Grunenbergs question earlier in the German board (excuse me that I started there, but it is much easier for me to explain :blush: ) I have not observed the problem after posting it here.
Two weeks ago I deinstalled an unused application ‘Epikur’, a server requiring java, and I used ONYX for removing cache an ‘cleaning’. After that we did observe a change again. Retrospektively I’m not sure if this was just an unnoticed remainder or a new change.

Finally I have to confess that I don’t have backups on a daily basis because I thougt having the database on two machines would be enough. I’ll change that immediately :blush:

Thanks a lot to FROBGOBLIN and korm for your support. I’ll come back here if the problem recurs.