Spotlgiht search?

On iOS, does Devonthink support search from spotlight, not just from within the app? It shows up as a spotlight providerr in General > Spotlight, but nothing comes back from any searches.

I also use OneNote, so having the ability to search multiple databases simuteanously from iOS is very nice if possible!

Thank you :open_mouth:

We had to deactivate Spotlight support because it simply broke down when it was flooded with tens of thousands of large documents. Reactivating it is high on our improvements list for DEVONthink To Go.

What about doing it like you do for the metadata download, but leave indexing off by default? This way we can pick files or folders or databases we want indexed by spotlight. Then a max file limit to prevent any issues.

Interesting idea, but consider how much UI that may (likely) require. iOS ≠ macOS and things need to be simpler with devices like the small form-factor iPhones.

The UI is potentially already there. A good spot would be under or above Download files.
Spotlight indexed yes, No
Or something like that.

Large Screenshot attached because yay no easy photo resize on iOS.

Noted… now consider how many times you may have to invoke the Info window and make that choice… again and again and again.

Also, wouldn’t it require some visual indicator to the User that a group is Spotlight enabled, otherwise they may revisit the same location only to find they’ve already set it?

Well, setting it at a parent folder should apply to all of the sub folders, so one could just apply it to the entire database.

Usually a user would want an entire group indexed or a few groups.

As for the indicators, we have the three little icons under each file for flagged etc. Perhaps a 4th could be added for spotlight like a flat database icon or an i or something.

example for the icon … -icon.html

Even a magnifying glass might be perfect since its basically apple’s spotlight logo.

I would not make this assumption. (I’ve been doing this too long to :mrgreen: )

For every person who would expect it to apply to all subfolders, there will be people who (1) don’t expect it to, or just want to turn it Off “for a few folders, here and there”. We have to account for those requests, as they would surely come. (Good discussion, BTW)

Then simply turning it off in some of the sub folders should turn if off on the main folder but keep all of the other sub folders enabled might be a good option.

I understand how easily this is to make this overly complex but thankfully we are not dealing with standard folder permissions. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: (UNIX and Linux hell) It should be kept simple like the current Download files option.

My idea is to literally apply it exactly like the download folders setting but for spotlight access. Keeps it simple and perhaps lets the DEVs reuse a bit of the logic :stuck_out_tongue:

(Well almost exactly with the extra icon)

Now that I achualy used the download files option, I see that it has a cloud icon. That is perfect. Now if only spotlight indexing was added there as well.