Spotlight and Webservices


2 further Ideas for improvements of your software:

Spotlight: Using the spotlight search can find the documents within the Devonthink library. Opening such a document requires first to Devonthink to launch and then I have to launch the application (i.e. Numbers, Keynote or Viewer).
It should be possible to launch from spotlight the required application natively without diversion through Devonthink.

Currently I can use Devonthink to as a Server and access my documents from other computers. But this requires my Mac is powered on and is accessible from the Internet and has running this service. Since I run my own Webserver on my NAS it would be helpful, if there would be a server from Devonthink avail running within my Webserver (Apache) or directly on my NAS (QNAP). For the last option there should be a plug in avail as it is i.e. for Wordpress and many more applications avail today.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

Due to limitations of Spotlight’s architecture, this isn’t possible. A workaround is to index (not to import) documents you’re usually using without DEVONthink.