Spotlight comment synchronization (of folders)

Hi all,

I was wondering whether it’s possible to include the spotlight comments in the DEVONthink comments field of indexed/imported folders? This works well for imported/indexed files but not for folders.

Also, is there a way to synchronize the spotlight comments and DEVONthink comment field of indexed files (and hopefully folders)? I think this could be done by using some sort of a script but at least the synchronize script I found from DevonAcademy’s Example scripts section doesn’t do this. I’m not familiar with scripting so any helpful advise for modification of the synchronize script would be very welcomed.

Versions 1.5/1.9.12 should fix this and therefore import the comments of folders too (if the preferences to import Finder comments is enabled).

Great! It works!

But what about the synchronization or updating of the comments? Is that possible?

No, the comments of groups aren’t (yet) updated while synchronizing.