Spotlight Comments with line breaks displayed inconsistently

DTTG 2 displays Spotlight multi-line comments in the info pane very sensibly put together in the one line available.

However in the search result list it has one line for the Spotlight comment as well, but does not display multiple comment lines concatenated in the line available. - See this screenshot: DTTG_Comments_marked_500.png (A bigger version of the screenshot is attached.)

Why do the search results cut the comments short? Is there anything I can tweak?

No, there is nothing you can tweak. I will file an issue.

Thanks for this. Not a major thing, of course. Just one of these little annoying niggles…

Also, in the result list I would love to see the Spotlight comment and the tags (maybe a line for each), but I guess there’s just not enough screen real estate for this…

That’s a good guess. :mrgreen:

Improved for the next version.

Cool! Looking forward to it.

I am again and again impressed how much effort DEVONthink puts into continual improvments for both, desktop and mobile app. :slight_smile: