Spotlight fails to find DT documents with a URL field

I was having trouble with spotlight not showing finding PDFs in the DT database. Some documents it would find, but not all. I tried recreating and rebuilding the DT spotlight index and recreating all the indices on my HD via mdutil. Neither helped. It seemed that documents I had manually scanned were fine, however documents dragged into the database from finder were not picked up in spotlight. I narrowed it down to those documents with a populated URL field. If I empty the field spotlight finds them again.

I thought maybe just touching the document did something, so I tried adding annotations and resaving but that didn’t help.

As a final proof I put some text back into the URL field and again spotlight would not find the document. Remove it, and bingo, it’s back.

Anyone else experienced this? Is it a bug or do I have something misconfigured somewhere?

Strange but true. I’ve tested Dosh’s finding over here, and get the same result. A PDF in a database can be found in Spotlight if it doesn’t have any text in the URL field, and “disappears” from Spotlight as soon as the URL field has any text (doesn’t have to be a valid URL).

I suspect that DT is bypassing documents with URLs when it makes and updates the Spotlight index, since the effect is instantaneous and one can watch documents disappear from Spotlight searches just by adding one character to the URL field.

I see this, too. Any resolution available/planned?